Just Good Management Program

Just Good Management Program:

A management and leadership development program for community sector leaders in Greater Western Sydney.

Just Good Management Program is a group-based learning program for up to 15 new managers from the Greater Western Sydney community sector. The program provides you with a unique opportunity to critically reflect on, and develop your management and leadership competencies.

The program links technical learning with personal reflection. You will gain new skills and gain critical insights into yourself, your organisation and the community sector.

We are looking for people working in small to medium community based organisations in the Greater Western Sydney region, who are:

  • new to management roles
  • have not received formal management training
  • are eager to learn new approaches to doing management
  • are committed to a career in the community sector
  • are able to attend all of the scheduled workshops
  • have the support of their organisation.

To apply please send an email to: mt@meredithturnbull.com.au and briefly respond to the following questions:

  1. Name, contact details, current role and organisation
  2. What you want to learn through completing this program?
  3. What are three most urgent management challenges you face?
  4. An overview of your community sector career including key roles, qualifications (or attach your CV)

Places are limited. All information will be treated confidentially.

Applications close 5pm on 27 July 2016.

If you have questions about the program contact:

Meredith Turnbull
0437 880 010

Program Structure

Just Good Management has five full-day workshops. Each workshop has pre-readings (articles, tools and/ or videos) to introduce the theme. and will have either an experienced sector leader or panel to speak about the issue. Just Good Management requires you to actively participate in each workshop.

Date Theme Workshop overview
25 Aug9.30-2.30pm Management, Leadership & Complexity This session will lay the foundations for the program. Group members will have the opportunity to learn about each other and the program structure, and begin to respond to the question, “what does it take to manage?” We will also look at the complexity of working in systems and leading through change. Participants are asked to consider, “How do I grow confident to deal with complexity and constant change? 
29 Sept9.30-2.30pm Planning, Monitoring  EvaluationMoney This session will explore the ‘why?’ and ‘how?’ of planning, monitoring and evaluation. Participants are asked to consider, “how can I use planning as a tool to lead effectively? And,“How can I use monitoring and evaluation to strengthen my leadership work, through demonstrating the impact of my work to internal and external stakeholders, as well as a tool for motivation in your team?


The role of money will also be considered; how to manage money and how to talk about all things financial with confidence.

Participants are asked to consider, “What is my relationship to money?


27 Oct9.30-2.30pm Managing People, & Systems This session will look at how to effectively work with people from your leadership role. We will track the key considerations for working with staff from recruitment to resignation/departure. We will also explore how to manage relationships with people with more power than you. Participants are asked to consider, “How can I best manage relationships with other people to get the outcomes I want and my work needs?” 
24 Nov9.30-2.30pm Problem Solving and Conflict This session will look at how to effectively deal with conflict, including interpersonal conflict and when there is a clash of values.Participants are asked to consider, “What do I need to do deal with conflict effectively? Creative problem solving techniques will be explored.


8 Dec9.30-2.30pm Self Reflection This final session will look at you and your relationship to leadership role and consolidate program learning. Participants are asked to consider, “Why do I want to lead?” to consider “What now?” 


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