Group Programs

I run a range of group-based learning programs targeting the specific development needs of people. I can work with groups of people in their organisational roles, across industry types and/or their skill needs.

Action Learning Programs

The basic philosophy underpinning action learning is that the most effective learning takes place when we are faced with a real problem which we are obliged to solve. Action learning occurs in a small, closed group, called an action learning set. This group meets regularly to engage in a collaborative learning process through reflecting on real work issues, exploring possible solutions and planning for action. Action learning programs can be designed and implemented for your organisation or group, or you can join a program.

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Training Programs

I run a range of training programs throughout a year, as well as in response to requests from organisation or networks.

Topics include:
Professional self care in social work / critical incidence workplaces
Social enterprise leadership and development
Action learning facilitation (i.e. for facilitators who run Action Learning programs)
Change management for individuals and for organisations, and
Leadership development.

Examples of Training Programs are:
Q&A Leadership Program: a 9-month adaptive leadership program for LGBTQ young people in NSW and Victoria
Resilience Training for Youth Workers in WA
Effective Communication Training for School for Social Entrepreneurs
Management and Leadership for Social Sector leaders

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